March 6, 2020

Lessons on Industrial Baltimore Photography From Top Industrial Photographers

Industrial photography is one style that fits Baltimore Photography. Maryland is full of places that look rough but with the proper angle, it can look romantic. However, it takes a lot of skill, since it can be difficult to find life amidst steels, concretes, and other industrial objects. Here are a few important lessons on Industrial photography from the masters:

Be vivid, be detailed – James Kay

According to Chicago-based photographer James Kay, you can breathe life into industrial and non-living subjects if your image is vivid and detailed enough. This means capturing every single nook and cranny or emphasizing the textures of material.

Know the most powerful emotion in the place, then look for that scene or angle or corner or object that captures it – Henri Cartier Bresson

According to urban photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, you need to capture the decisive moment in every scene when all aspects of the event come together to tell the story perfectly. Don’t think that an object will be the same in every picture just because the concrete doesn’t move.

You cannot force a great photo. Be very very patient – Robert Frank

Famous street photographer Robert Frank emphasizes that industrial photography requires a lot of patience, that even the best in the industry will have to take a lot of pictures in order to get the perfect shot of a single subject.

Sometimes, making the photo unreal brings out the reality of the scene – Paul Strand

Paul Strand believes that you need to be creative from time to time and that sometimes using an abstract method will produce more dynamic photos than conventional ones. It is a method that has made him popular and more in demand than other Baltimore photographers.