February 13, 2020

8 Tips on Candid Portrait Photography

Candid portrait photography is popular in the Baltimore Photography scene. This is credited to the grit and spontaneity Baltimore is known for. Here are a few tips on how to take candid photos effectively:

  1. Use a Long Zoom Lens

Candid moments in Baltimore photography is more effective if you can stay out of people’s comfort zone while taking shots. A long zoom lens will do this.

  1. Avoid Using Flash

Candid photography is all about taking “natural” shots. Camera flash will get in the way as it makes people conscious and will be uncomfortable in their eyes.

  1. Take as Many Shots as Possible

Taking the perfect candid shot is akin to the lottery, the more shots you take, the better your chances of finding the right one.

  1. Find a Strategic Position

Choose a spot where you can see “the action” is happening but don’t ignore the “backstage” either.

  1. Be Active Instead of Passive

Candid photographs work better if the photographer himself is actively participating at the moment. Taking part in the moments also prevents people from being conscious while you’re shooting pictures.

  1. Get as Many People Into the Shots as Possible

The more people there are in your shots, the more dynamic and lively it looks.

  1. Shoot from the Hip

Shooting from the hip prevents you from taking pictures while tensing. For better effect, you should set the lens to a wide-angle setting.

  1. Take Advantage of the Foreground Elements

Using foreground elements in the shot adds a little bit of depth and class into your candid Baltimore photography session.