January 8, 2020

Best Tips on How to Take a Great Baltimore Headshot

Taking portrait shots for your online profile, business or the company you work for is essential. The more confident and professional you will appear in your photo, the better the message you will convey.

There are two types of corporate Baltimore headshots, editorial (these are taken at the place of work) and professional (usually taken in a photo studio). The most common is professional headshots which are used on websites, on LinkedIn or in CVs.

What is required though to take a great Baltimore Headshot? The following tips will help you understand what to do to get the best results!

Look – What to wear

Your look is important. Wear whatever you feel comfortable with and fits your personality. If you look good in a suit, wear a black, grey or a navy blue suit. If you want, you can always bring two or more outfits with you.

Again, if you are a doctor, a chef or your profession requires wearing a uniform, wear it or bring it with you. There are changing rooms in all professional photo studios.

Do not wear clothes with fancy patterns and very bright colors. These clothes will make you look unprofessional and the result won’t be good. Instead, wear something plain, without any weird shapes or lines.

Posture – Find your good side

We all have a good side. If you don’t know which is yours (right or left), ask the photographer and they will tell you or they will take a few photos and show you, so you can decide on which one you look best.

Get your body where you need it to be. Establish a good base from which you can get the head in the right position and get a correct expression.

Expression – Feel confident

Make sure the chin is not too high so you don’t get much of a neckline. Push it out and bring it down a little bit.

You don’t always need to have a huge smile. You need to show you’re confident and approachable.

Interacting with the photographer is essential too. Everything will be alright. You’ll get a fantastic headshot!

Appearance – Hair and make-up

Don’t overdo it. Be as natural as possible. Don’t overpower your portrait by adding too much makeup. After all, a good Baltimore headshot photographer can enhance the details and colors in the post-process (using photo editing software).

Shorter hair doesn’t mess up that much. If you have long hair, consider bringing a brush with you or a hair straightener. Hair is more difficult to fix in post-process, so it is better to have them ready at the photoshoot.


Make sure you look good. If the photographer doesn’t have a computer or monitor to show you how you look on screen, find a mirror. Make sure your hair looks good, your tie is placed straight and your overall look is great! Other than that, have confidence, relax and enjoy the photoshoot. You’ve got all it takes!