February 20, 2020

7 Tips on Portrait Photography for Children

7 Tips on Portrait Photography for Children

Children are popular subjects in Maryland photography. It is one of the more rewarding aspects of photography, as it allows you to capture beautiful moments that can’t easily be reproduced. Here are 7 tips on how to take effective portrait photography of children:

Show Them in Action

Children are very active and will very rarely stay still for a photograph. You can turn this to your advantage by taking pictures of children in constant movement.

Get Down to Their Level

Children are obviously smaller than you, so you may want to get down to their level if you want to capture children’s proper proportion.

Don’t Force a Child to Smile

The best pictures of smiling children are those who are doing it for real. It is better to capture a child in a contemplative pose than one with a forced smile. Alternatively, you can use the “peek a boo” technique.

Focus on the Child Instead of the Background

Due to the child’s small stature, it is very easy to get him lost in the background if you shoot using landscape orientation. Use portrait and remember who your subject is.

Take Many Photos

Take as many photos as you can, this will increases your chances of capturing the “perfect” moment.

Maintain Focus on the Subject

Amateur photographers tend to make the mistake of muddling up a child’s photograph with too many elements. Try to maintain a sense of balance in the elements and focus on the child.

Try to Catch Them Off Guard

Try to take pictures when the child is not conscious of your presence, as it allows you to catch more natural movements for your Maryland Photography.