January 29, 2020



So, you want to have beautiful Baltimore engagement photographs that stand out from the crowd in 2020 huh? Engagement photography has deeply evolved in recent years, and it has been moving further from poses as the days go by. Nowadays, candid, documentary and cinematographic styles are top on couples’ minds willing to be photographed together. The awesome thing about engagement photography, it is about love and commitment; but regularly away from the wedding’s context, therefore everything is more relaxed.

It doesn’t matter if you are a couple willing to have your own professional photographs or a new-coming photographer that wants to start creating nice-looking Baltimore engagement photographs. In this brief yet insightful guide we’ll be sharing with you some of the best lessons we’ve learned after shooting engagement and couples session in the past decade.

1. Shoot in a Meaningful Place

Every couple on this planet has at least one significant place that has been an important element of their relationship. Often, these places remain almost unvisited by the couples, and reuniting them both with that place makes it a very emotional yet tender experience. If you are a photographer ask about these places, and if you are willing to hire a photographer keep this in mind as a possible location for your sessions.

2. The Documentary Approach

Spending a complete day with a couple allows a photographer to capture them in the most natural ways. It is true that hanging around with a stranger might be strange at first, but after a while the waters ease out and the natural behavior starts blooming out. That’s the time when a photographer should come into action, and experience has taught us that there is no rival when it comes to candid and natural photographs of a couple. Posing is good, but the intimate vibe documentary approaches give is simply another level.

3. Concepts are BAE

Creativity isn’t something that’s reserved for just a few bunches of people, everyone has creative thoughts, and this translates into visual expectations. Before doing an engagement session, we encourage people to think about some ideas and look out for some visual references that might help us all create a fantastic photographic experience. By doing this we not only create something unique but are also able to get a better grasp of what couples want for their photographs.

4. Red is The Way

For some reason we still can’t understand, color red in photography makes a shot more appealing and interesting for the human brain. If you are planning on getting an engagement or couple session, then you might want to wear something red, even if its just a small accessory, it will help out. If you are a new photographer, take that in mind when crafting a concept. Color is magnificent when harmonically placed together, and neutral-colored backgrounds in contrast with a single color accent that pops is a wise composition move.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Rain

There are two types of photographers in this world, those who shoot under the rain, and those who are afraid of it. Ironically, rainy and overcast weather gives one of the most beautiful lights ever, softly spread and with a warm and cozy vibe. If you are a photographer, invest in weather-sealed gear, that’s the best way to cope with difficult weather situations. And if you are a couple, consider if this is something you’ll be willing to do since it is your choice at the end.  With social media, photographs have become quite an ephemeral thing. The great challenge for us photographers is to deliver photographs that will keep relevance as time passes by. If you are able to create photographs that will still be used as a banner, profile picture or even shared from time to time after the session for at least 6 months or even a year, then you could consider your job as a photographer to be a success. That is a huge challenge, and only your own passion, perseverance and talent will allow you to surpass