December 5, 2020

50 Great Indoor Location Ideas for a Great Baltimore headshot or Branding Photography

  1. Greenhouse — It’s like being outside, only you’re inside! This is really great for capturing
    earthy, laid back vibes and the walls and ceilings are often made from glass, so you’ll
    get to work with gorgeous lighting.
  2. At an Indoor Arboretum — This is a similar concept as above, only arboretums specialize
    in growing conifers and trees, which tend to be particularly lush.
  3. At a Gardening Store/Nursery — Similar idea, only it might be a little more accessible
    since it’s more retail-based.
  4. Museum — You’ll definitely want to get permission first, but a museum is a beautiful
    place to shoot thanks to great lighting, seating, and beautiful art. Also, consider shooting
    outdoors if the museum has gardens.
  5. Butterfly Garden — This is similar to a greenhouse since they try to incorporate as much
    light as possible for the butterflies. It’s also plush with greenery, art installations, and, of
    course, butterflies!
  6. Coffee Shop — Grab a cuppa and have your clients kick back in cozy coffee shop seating
    while interacting with each other. If they write names on cups, it could make for an
    especially cute e-session (but we’re fond of mugs, too).
  7. Ice Cream Shop — Same idea, only ice cream cones! Encourage your clients to get a little
    crazy with their flavor choices and don’t forget the cherry!
  8. In a Restaurant — It could be upscale, kitschy, urban, or hipster-y. Seek out places with
    great art, interesting walls, photogenic seating, and ambient lighting.
  9. In a Farm Stable — It’s rustic, it’s rural, and it’s oh-so-earthy. This is a beautiful location
    ideal for families, couples, and even senior pictures. Interact with the animals and get
    some great candids while you’re there.
  10. In a Barn — This is the same idea as above. You can find barns that rent out their space
    specifically for photographers or events, or alternatively you can find a
    friend/acquaintance/client with access. Take advantage if you live in the countryside!
  11. In a Farm House — If the barn isn’t for you or your clients, head to the farmhouse.
    There’s a certain aesthetic to farmhouses… they’re simple, laid back, and have great
    lighting and cozy décor. Find a friend who owns one or rent one out.
  12. Long Hallway — This creates leading lines for a truly dimensional photograph. If you can
    find one with lots of natural light, even better.
  13. Science Center — This is a wonderful option for family shoots (or brainy couples) since it
    offers unexpected props, like huge dinosaurs or interactive exhibits. Check with the
    photo rules before snapping.
  14. Children’s Museum – The same idea as above, only this is specifically catered to children.
    Again, make sure to get adequate permission, and avoid photographing other children
    who are there.
  15. In the Kitchen — This is a good spot for maternity images or pregnancy announcements
    (so many “bun in the oven” puns you can play up) or as part of a family/kids session.
    Consider doing something interactive, such as baking cookies.
  16. In the Bedroom — This is an intimate space ideal for shooting families and kids.
    Alternatively, use it as a backdrop for boudoir or maternity images.
  17. In the Nursery — A family spends so much time perfecting their nursery, making it the
    perfect locale for maternity and newborn photographs.
  18. In a Breakfast Nook — This can be at home or in a restaurant. We love a good breakfast
    nook because it’s often surrounded by gorgeous light and feels very private, allowing
    you to get simple, intimate images without a bunch of distractions.
  19. A Church — Use the pews, aisles, stained glass, and architecture as a backdrop. Just
    make sure to ask for permission before entering the premises. At the very least, you
    should be able to shoot in front of or within the front opening/atrium of a church.
  20. In a Cathedral — Same idea as above, only this tends to be more grandiose in nature.
    They likely have stricter rules regarding who can shoot and when, so make sure to
    secure permission first.
  21. Inside a Car — Whether new or vintage, taxi or convertible, shooting inside a car can
    really pull the creativity out of you! Use the mirrors and the upholstery to your
    advantage and move around within the car for all sorts of interesting shots.
  22. At an Arcade — Let the games begin! This is ideal for engagement sessions and family
    sessions. Make sure to get a mix of candid images and posed shots.
  23. In a Vintage Clothing Store — The array of eclectic clothing and accessories makes for a
    unique backdrop for images. You can get interactive by having your clients try on funky
    vintage duds!
  24. In an Antique Store — The same idea as a vintage clothing store, only it’s more knick-knacky.
    Have fun (but be careful) with some of the items inside, and make sure to get
  25. In a Library — There’s something inherently endearing about a library. Shoot a couple
    sitting down between a corridor of books, or children reading the classics.
  26. At a Bookstore — The same idea as above, only more retail-oriented.
  27. At a Winery — Wine. Need we say more? Consider a wine tasting or secure permission
    to shoot near the barrels of wine fermenting in the back!
  28. At a Brewery — Same idea, only this is ideal for beer lovers. If you’re able to photograph
    near the fermenting kegs, it could make for some very cool industrial shots.
  29. At the Bar — Find a cool bar in town and have your clients sip on a beautiful cocktail.
    This is obviously most ideal for e-sessions, but it could also work as a wedding shot if
    you’re able to hop in and out between ceremony and reception!
  30. At the Liquor Store — All those bottles can be surprisingly pretty, so go for it! Again, this
    is ideal for an e-session versus family.
  31. At an Old Diner — Hit the jukebox and cue the golden oldies! There’s nothing quite as
    classic as diner booths and classic Americana food. This is great for families and couples,
    but if you’re able to rent it out for a day for a pinup boudoir session that’s an option,
  32. Hotel Room — For utmost privacy, book a hotel room that has great lighting inside.
    Bonus points if you find a suite. This is perfect for boudoir sessions.
  33. Hotel Lobby — If you don’t want to rent a room, pop into the lobby of a large hotel and
    snap a couple of images. You may need to ask permission.
  34. In a Rustic Cabin — Find yourself a quaint cabin in the woods (ideally one that’s
    furnished appropriately) and shoot away. You could do family sessions, e-sessions, or
    even boudoir shots here.
  35. In Caverns — If you’re feeling brave and have caverns nearby, you could get some very
    unique shots here. We recommend sticking near the entrance for the best lighting.
  36. In an Aquarium — The lighting in an aquarium can be tricky, but also amazing.
    Experiment before having an official shoot if you’re able. Consider shooting silhouettes,
    and take advantage of backlit aquariums and corridors.
  37. At the Bowling Alley — The shoes, the ball, the nostalgia! This is great for families and
    couples and will deliver lots of authentic smiles and candid shots.
  38. At a Ceramics Studio — If your clients are seeking a session that gets them into the
    creative zone, a ceramic studio is a wonderful option. Have them get a little dirty with
    the clay, and use the beautiful, already made pottery, as a backdrop if you’re able.
  39. At Indoor Rock Climbing Gym — Sporty clients may dig the idea of shooting at an indoor
    rock climbing gym. We recommend this for families and couples, or even seniors who
    excel at climbing.
  40. At a Boxing Ring — The same idea, only you get the backdrop of a cool ring and boxing glove
  41. At an Ice Skating Rink — Again, the same idea! Also, there’s something very romantic about
    bundling up and skating with your partner.
  42. At a Roller Skating Rink — For old school, nostalgic vibes, shoot at an indoor roller
    skating rink. If you don’t have one in your town, the town next to you probably has one!
  43. Indoor Jump House/Bouncy House — Though this is obviously great for children or
    family session, we think it’s pretty cute/romantic for an e-session, as well!
  44. In a Salon — Who doesn’t love to get pampered? Whether it’s a pedi with your partner,
    a blowout with your girlfriends, or a mother/daughter manicure, we love the idea of
    shooting in a salon.
  45. At an Old School Barbershop — The same idea as above, only this one may be more
    appropriate for father/son or a group of groomsmen. The more classic the décor, the
  46. Inside a Theater — Theater junkies and drama club types may get a kick out of shooting
    inside of a local theater. Take advantage of the lush velvet curtains and beautiful
  47. In a Music Studio — If you have access to a music studio, this is a great spot for music
    buffs and those who are in the industry. Seniors would probably get a kick out of
    shooting inside one, as well, especially if they’re into music or play an instrument.
  48. At an Instrument Shop — If you don’t have access to a music studio, an instrument shop
    is your next best bet!
  49. Opera House — If you’re able to secure permission from a local opera house, then take
    advantage of the opportunity. Modern and historic opera houses each offer their own
  50. At a Concert/Rock Show — Music buffs, especially those who enjoy a live show, may
    love the idea of shooting at a concert. Think cool and dramatic lighting, a happenin’
    stage, and casual clothing.

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