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Tips on How to Create Great Concept headshot Photos

While most people prefer traditional headshot photos, there are those who prefer to experiment with different themes and concepts. Here’s a bunch of tips on how to create great concept headshot  photos session.

Know Your Limits

Concept photos require the subject of the photos to do a bit of acting, so you may want to discuss with them in advance on just how far they’re willing to go when it comes to experimenting for the shots. The photo will be ruined if someone is uncomfortable and won’t cooperate.

Go Crazy

Sometimes being creative is not enough. You need to dial it up a notch and go crazy. Find locations and props that are out of the norm. Make sure the concept photos will be unique and memorable.

Scout the Location in Advance

You need to scout the location first before the session if you are going to do a concept headshot. Being familiar with the location will allow you to take advantage of every nook and cranny when it comes to taking the best pictures.

Incorporate Humor Into the Shots

Provided that the subjest is willing, a Baltimore head shot photographer should incorporate humor into the shots. It might not fit in with their more serious shots, but it will be an interesting and wonderful keepsake.

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