About Us

I’m Gerald Nelson, a Baltimore event and portrait photographer specializing in capturing all the little moments that make a wedding day special. I take the time to get to know each couple and tailor my services to your needs. My clients love the attention to detail and care I put into their wedding photography. These are some questions couples frequently ask before engaging me.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a professional photographer for 10 years. I started out by working for other wedding photographers, and I started my own company in 2006 so that I could offer more personalized services to couples.

You offer great services packages and have an impressive portfolio  But what makes you different from other Baltimore wedding photographers?


For me, every wedding is a personal love story. I love telling that story in pictures, and I love helping couples shine on their wedding day. I’m a non-intrusive photographer, so you hardly know I’m there, but I have a very keen eye that captures all the special moments on your wedding day that you’ll want to revisit.

Who are your favorite wedding photography clients?

My ideal, favorite couples are those that take an active interest in planning their wedding together. I also love working with couples that genuinely want to showcase their love without reservations during an engagement session. These couples are the most enjoyable to work with throughout the entire wedding.
Who can’t benefit from your  photography services?

If the couple doesn’t understand the value of having a passionate wedding photographer who becomes your partner throughout your special day to capture your memories on film, or if the couple doesn’t realize that they deserve the most fabulous wedding possible, we probably won’t be a good fit. I love photographing weddings, and it shows in every single frame captured.

How many weddings do you book per day?

One. That way, I can focus all my energy on your special day.

Can we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?




This sounds perfect. How does the process work?

Great! The next step is for you is to call me at 443-762-4393 or email me to set up a complimentary “Get Acquainted” session